About The Beaver Caucus

The Beaver Caucus is a passionate group of Oregon State University alumni and friends who are committed to supporting our world-class research institution. We do this by providing OSU alumni and supporters a platform to communicate directly to Oregon state policymakers who are making critical decisions impacting OSU’s future. This may be a simple email, an appearance at a town hall meeting, committee testimony or a one-on-one legislator meeting. It’s whatever you can do given your time availability and comfort level.

Our communications are aligned with public policy objectives developed by university leadership and are delivered by alumni volunteers who understand their voice will make a difference in these state decisions. The Beaver Caucus is an independent 501(c)4 organization that receives no funding from Oregon State University and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is funded by alumni and friends who understand the importance of helping other alumni advocate for the university.

Become an Advocate

Mission, Vision and Principles


The Beaver Caucus builds legislative bridges between elected officials and supporters of higher education for the benefit of enhancing Oregon State University’s teaching, research and service.


We believe in the impact of higher education to improve lives, society and the economy.

We envision a future where Oregon policymakers and key stakeholders better understand and appreciate the value of higher education and support Oregon State University’s impact on accessible education, innovative research and statewide service.

The Beaver Caucus Board is committed to supporting the work of the Office of the President and Government Relations, and campus leadership by educating, engaging and mobilizing key stakeholders in advocating for critical public policy objectives that support the viability of and access to higher education at Oregon State University.


We are aligned and a strategic partner with the Office of the President and Government Relations and a resource for Oregon State University leadership and key education stakeholders who seek to build relationships to “move the political needle” in Salem and Washington, DC towards sustainable funding for higher education.

We also intend to:

Build deeper, more strategic, long-term relationships with key state and federal elected officials, top staff and appointed leaders.

Build a reputation for The Beaver Caucus that is consistent with the gold standard of Oregon State University, the OSU Foundation and the OSU Alumni Association.