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Now4 OSU-Cascades is a coalition of community members, businesses, and organizations working to expand the OSU-Cascades campus in the heart of Bend. Led by former educator Janie Evey Teater and business leader Amy Tykeson, the coalition supports the expansion of the four-year university that will provide access to affordable higher education and a more stable economy. With the goal of accommodating 3,000 to 5,000 students by 2025, OSU-Cascades will need to continue to grow and expand in order to support its students and faculty and meet state educational attainment goals.

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Economic Impact

Over the next nearly 20 years, OSU-Cascades will serve 3,000 to 5,000 students. Its expansion will support research and innovation, community engagement, and the regional and statewide economies. Campus operations and construction — and the economic ripple effect they create — will bring more than $273 million to Oregon, statewide, in 2034.

Continuing Campus Operations Impact

Through payroll, and the purchase of goods and services by the university, campus operations will have direct, indirect and induced economic benefits throughout the state.

Job Creation in Deschutes County and Oregon

As campus operations expand, new employees will be hired at the campus, and in local and statewide businesses.


State Income Taxes

Through increased employment at the campus and through indirect and induced jobs, contributions to state income taxes will increase to more than $4.8 million in 2034.