OSU in Bend

A 30-Year Grassroots Effort

OSU-Cascades was born out of a 30-year grassroots effort put forth by Central Oregonians to bring a university to the region. The university opened its doors in September 2001 on the COCC campus, offering upper-division and graduate coursework toward bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Record Enrollment Growth

After record enrollment growth and demonstrated financial support from the surrounding community, in August 2012 the Oregon University System endorsed OSU-Cascades’ expansion to a four-year university. In July 2013, the Oregon State Legislature approved capital funding that enabled the branch campus to establish its own campus. The branch campus completed the first phase of campus development in 2016.

Convient Bend Location

OSU-Cascades’ new campus is a ½ mile from the Graduate & Research Center, 1.9 miles from downtown Bend, and near trails, recreation, entertainment, athletic and medical facilities, and shopping. Walking, bike share and rideshare programs will minimize vehicle miles traveled and provide options for getting to, from and around the new campus.